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Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration

Whether it’s from faulty wiring, an unattended candle or any other source, fires happen. And when they do, the heat and smoke can seriously damage your home. With The United States Disaster Response Team, you are getting the right contractor to make things right quickly, all at no cost. Handling flood, fire, smoke and water damage is no problem for our cleanup professionals. If rain, snow or firefighting has left your property in shambles, we perform water restoration, rapid structural drying, mold damage repair and mold remediation to get your property back to normal ASAP. If flames have caused extensive fire damage, Call USDR - we're your local Las Cruces, NM fire restoration professionals.

That's why United State Disaster Response uses only the best equipment, innovative technologies and a built-in accountability process to assure every job is done right. Setting the highest standards in water, fire, smoke and mold damage restoration, where customer anxieties can run high, requires a continuous focus and dedication to self-analysis and improvement. That's why a United State Disaster Response Restoration services specialists are graded and evaluated on response time, professionalism and customer satisfaction. We enthusiastically seek out, listen to and act upon the concerns of the people we serve. The feedback we receive from our customers is critical to our success.

Based on years of experience in flood restoration, fire restoration, smoke damage and mold removal, United State Disaster Response has put into practice a comprehensive and customer care-focused protocol system. Adopted, practiced and embraced by every United States Disaster Response emergency response location, United State Disaster Response's protocol system is a great reminder that the latest in technology, equipment and training matters little if a genuine and compassionate concern and respect for the customer isn't shown on every job.

More Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration Information

Fire can burn surfaces, weaken structures and cause extensive damage both seen and unseen. Smoke can be just as insidious. The airborne ash and soot from a fire can creep into crawl spaces, damage duct work and leave toxic residue that must be removed before your home is safe to live in again. With United States Disaster Response, the process will be handled properly so you can move back into your home confidently.

Simply reach out to the Las Cruces, NM office of The United States Disaster Response Team. After that, you will be contacted within 24 hours by someone from our vast network of credentialed contractors. No hassles. No stress obtaining multiple bids. Just one contractor who best matches your project. All work is backed by a contractor 10-year workmanship warranty. 

What our customers are saying

I will surely use The United States Disaster Response Team again. The Roofing & Restoration work involved with my project was incredibly difficult and I'm blown away by how they did such a wonderful job on my home, and they were very prompt. I gave them a clear picture what I needed, and the entire team took care of my project request. The USDR team was also easy to communicate with. The contractor’s manager also visited my home to review the project after it was completed.

Jack Talbert  - MD - Las Cruces, NM